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Expert asbestos removal in Seven Hills

Are you a property owner in Seven Hills who look for asbestos removal services? Then we are here to help. Asbestos is a hazardous material. It can trigger multiple health conditions, such as mesothelioma and asbestosis. If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from such health conditions, you should go for asbestos removal. This is where our team at HM Group can help.

We specialise in professional asbestos removal. You can get our team to attend to your specific needs and help with asbestos removal. With our comprehensive services, we will create an asbestos-free environment for you. You can keep peace of mind and live after we leave.

When it comes to asbestos removal Seven Hills, safety is our top priority. We take all appropriate measures to ensure your safety. On top of that, we also prevent environmental contamination that can happen. We use the latest and proven asbestos removal method for it. For example, our asbestos encapsulation method ensures that no environmental contamination would happen. We will also manage asbestos disposal for you. With the use of state-of-the-art equipment, we complete all our projects with utmost care. We also pay attention to detail with the services we offer. Contact us today for all your asbestos removal needs.

Why choose us?

We are not the only asbestos removal company in Seven Hills. But here are some reasons why you should contact us for asbestos removal.

  • Certified asbestos contractors

    We have the licensing and accreditation for asbestos remediation. You don’t need to worry about dealing with asbestos at home. You can hand over the job to us and expect perfect results coming on your way.

  • Comprehensive services

    From asbestos testing to asbestos disposal, we provide comprehensive services to you. There is no need for you to work with multiple service providers.

  • Advanced equipment and techniques

    For offering the best asbestos removal experience, we use the latest equipment and techniques. They help us to deliver safe and efficient results on your way.

  • Environmentally friendly practices

    Our team adheres to environmentally friendly practices during asbestos removal. We will be protecting the environment around you as we offer our services. We will ensure that no cross-contamination would happen with the services we provide.

Professional asbestos removal

We have all the licensing and accreditation needed to offer asbestos removal services in Seven Hills. With that, our experts know how to deliver a perfect service to you as well. We follow all the industry standards and regulations. Along with that, we make sure that every aspect of the asbestos removal process complies with the law.

You can expect us to offer the safest asbestos removal services. We adhere to strict safety protocols during the overall asbestos removal process. For example, our technicians will wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) throughout to ensure their safety. Likewise, we will ensure your safety during the asbestos removal process as well.


How do we remove asbestos?

We adhere to the industry standard procedure for asbestos removal. Here’s an overview of the process we follow when dealing with asbestos at home.

Asbestos testing

The very first thing we will do is asbestos testing. We will come with the appropriate testing equipment to your place. Then we will carry out the testing procedure. During asbestos inspection and testing, we take careful measures to ensure safety. You will not be exposing yourself to any risks. We will collect samples from your property and test them at our laboratory. Our state-of-the-art laboratory will ensure accurate results. You can therefore get a comprehensive understanding of the asbestos problem that you are dealing with.

Asbestos removal

After testing, we will go ahead with removing hazardous asbestos materials. We can accommodate both residential asbestos removal and commercial asbestos abatement. During the removal procedure, we carefully pick the right removal methods. For example, we use asbestos encapsulation to remove your asbestos most effectively. Along with that, we completely remove the health risks of asbestos exposure.

Asbestos waste disposal

After asbestos removal, we will properly dispose of them as well. We ensure that no environmental contamination would happen due to our service.

Transparent and competitive pricing

High cost is one of the main reasons why most people don’t consider asbestos removal. Instead of worrying too much about the price, you should go for it. That’s because asbestos can act as a silent killer and lead to numerous complications. Instead of taking a risk with asbestos, you need to remove it immediately.

You don’t need to worry too much about the cost when you select us for asbestos removal Seven Hills. That’s because we offer our services with transparent and competitive pricing. It doesn’t mean that we offer a compromised service to you. Instead, we could cut down our overheads. Therefore, we can provide an excellent service to you at an affordable price.

You can also request an estimate from us. Then we will provide you with an accurate estimate with no hidden expenses. Working with HM Group is the best way to get the help of licensed asbestos removal experts. You will love the service we offer without making you spend a lot of money on it.

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The importance of asbestos removal

Removing asbestos is not a choice, but a must. That’s because asbestos continues to lead people to respiratory diseases. Some of the most common respiratory diseases that asbestos can trigger include mesothelioma and asbestosis. If you ignore it, you might even get serious health conditions such as lung cancer.

Health is the greatest asset you own. This is why you need to focus on asbestos removal immediately. Our team is there to help you with it. Just contact us today, and we will come to your place and help you with asbestos removal Seven Hills. Our hassle-free services can help you to completely overcome the risk of asbestos. It is the best way to overcome the health risks of asbestos exposure as well.


It varies depending on the extent of the asbestos problem you have. We will inspect your property and let you know about the timeframe.

No, we provide our services at an affordable price. You can get our services at a price that you can afford.

Yes, we are an accredited asbestos removal company. We will provide you with our licensing to you upon request.

Yes, after we complete the asbestos removal job, we will provide you with a certificate. This will help you to keep peace of mind.

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Contact HM Group today for asbestos removal in older buildings. Our team is looking forward to partnering with you for offering the best asbestos removal experience.

Simply contact us, and we will help you with the job. From testing to the removal of asbestos waste, our team is there to help you.