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Do you live in an old house? Then fascia and soffit can be present in it. It contains a dangerous compound called asbestos. Asbestos was a common construction material back in the day. Fascia and soffit manufacturers were using it quite often. The unique properties of asbestos tempted them to do so. For example, asbestos was lightweight and fire-resistant. The texture of it was ideal for fascia and soffit construction as well. People back in the day were not aware of the dangers of asbestos. However, we now know how harmful it can be. This is why you should contact us at HM Group for fascia and soffit removal.

We are the best service team for fascia and soffit removal Brisbane. If you suspect the presence of asbestos, you can simply call us. We will go ahead and do a proper asbestos inspection. Then we will provide you with removal support.

Dangers of asbestos

Asbestos is a harmful material. You should be careful not to keep any asbestos in your living space. It can lead you to:

  • Asbestosis
  • Mesothelioma
  • Lung cancer
  • Other lung diseases
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Nausea

If you don’t want to end up with these health problems, you should remove the fascia and soffit. This is where you should connect with HM Group.

Asbestos testing process

The very first step of asbestos fascia removal is asbestos testing. Before asbestos soffit removal, we need to make sure that asbestos is there.  We can conduct an expert asbestos risk assessment at your property. Our team has the latest asbestos testing equipment. We come to your location with them and collect samples. Then we analyse the samples at our laboratory. After getting the reports, we can start off asbestos abatement. Our team can also share valuable information on asbestos awareness.

We only use the highest quality asbestos detection equipment. That’s why we can precisely measure the scale of the asbestos problem you have. We can also detect all types of asbestos that can be available in fascia and soffit. You can make sure that we won’t miss anything, which will put you in trouble. We also comply with the relevant standards and regulations. This helps us to provide a hassle-free experience to you.

Attention to detail

When it comes to asbestos fascia and soffit removal, we pay attention to detail at all times. The success of your fascia and soffit removal project lies behind it. We pay attention to detail and determine the presence of asbestos. Then we go ahead with asbestos abatement. With safe asbestos handling, we ensure that you don’t have a reason to worry about it. We provide the best asbestos disposal services in Brisbane as well.

Professional fascia and soffit removal

If your fascia and soffit contain asbestos, you should get rid of them immediately. We are here to help you with it.

  • Asbestos fascia removal
  • Asbestos soffit removal
  • Asbestos risk assessment
  • Asbestos testing
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Asbestos awareness
  • Asbestos disposal services
  • Safe asbestos handling

If you contact HM Group, you no longer should doubt removal. We will offer the best possible service that you deserve.

Asbestos fascia and soffit removal process

Before contacting HM Group, you should be aware of our removal process. This can help you to keep peace of mind. We always practice certified asbestos removal. This is where we adhere to government regulations. That’s why we can ensure asbestos home safety. We will start the job while keeping asbestos risks and dangers in mind.

Our professionals are using industry-leading techniques in fascia and soffit removal. This helps us to overcome the risk of fibre release. We can also use it to prevent contamination effectively. Apart from asbestos removal, we can also take care of disposal. We are working with designated asbestos disposal facilities in Brisbane. By working with them, we make sure that no environmental contamination would take place.

After removing fascia and soffit materials, we can help you to find alternative products. This will get you to rebuild the good looks and functionality of your home. You can select from a variety of replacement products. All you need to do is to pick something that matches your budget and preferences. We will help you to get a seamless finish. It will also enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the property.

Why choose us?

The main reason you should contact HM Group is because of our expertise. We have over 27 years of experience in asbestos removal. This is where you can trust us for residential asbestos mitigation.

Our team is aware of asbestos risks and dangers. This is why we maintain adherence to safety and compliance. The experts will venture into the job while taking all preventive measures. This helps us to deliver the best outcomes to you at the end of the day.

Specialist fascia and soffit removal

Asbestos fascia removal
Asbestos soffit removal
Asbestos testing
Asbestos removal
Asbestos disposal
Asbestos handling
Asbestos awareness
Asbestos risk assessment

Compliance with regulations

There are numerous compliance standards we adhere to during fascia and soffit removal. Dealing with asbestos-containing materials is always a risk. We understand the risks that they can lead you to. This is why we strictly follow safety protocols when offering our services.

We always strive to avoid the legal liabilities that we may encounter as well. While keeping that in mind, we overcome improper asbestos management. You can always expect to receive top-notch service from our experts.

Schedule your appointment today

Do you want the best asbestos fascia and soffit removal services in Brisbane? Then you have a reason to contact us at HM Group. We will start with a free consultation. This is where we can assess your needs. Along with that, we can also provide expert advice. After testing the presence of asbestos, we will be creating a custom plan. By sticking to the custom plan, we can deliver the best outcomes to you. You just need to call us and schedule your asbestos fascia and soffit removal appointment.