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Demolition And Asbestos Removal Specialists

Looking to demolish a home that may contain asbestos? At Hazardous Materials Group, our contractors are specialists in demolition and asbestos removal. We provide our service to any project, large or small. Whether it is domestic demolition, commercial demolition or industrial demolition HM Group is your go-to demolition and asbestos specialist.

We have over 27 years of experience providing our services to property owners across Brisbane.

Dangers Of Asbestos

Over long periods of time asbestos can even cause death

Increased Risk of Lung Cancer

Mesothelioma Cancer


Pleural Plaques

Chest Pains


Demolition & Asbestos Removal Services In Brisbane

HM Group is Brisbane’s leading demolition and asbestos removal specialist. With 27+ years of experience, the Hazardous Materials Group specialize in a range of high-quality demolition services such as:

Residential Demolition – full or partial demolition

Asbestos Removal – Friable and Bonded

Commercial demolition – High-rise buildings or warehouses

Industrial Demolition – facilities

Contaminated Removal

Infrastructure Demolition – bridges, roads and hospitals

Service Station Demolition – underground tanks

Fire and Storm Damage Demolition

Internal Demolition

Asbestos Pipe Removal

Strategies To Minimise Health Hazards

When performing demolitions in areas that asbestos is present, HM Group creates detailed strategies to minimise the health hazards.

HM Group will ensure that the health of any individual in the area is not put at risk. We ensure that all our jobs are compliant with industry regulations and will not lead to potential legal ramifications.

Our team has over 27 years of experience performing demolitions and removing asbestos.

At Hazardous Materials Group we:

  • Work with the client to develop demolition strategies
  • Ensure the project is completed within given timeframes
  • Meet all Workplace Health and Safety Guidelines
  • Meet the AS/NZS4801 compliance requirements
  • Work to maintain Occupational health and Safety Management Systems
  • Provide customer service, affordability, and knowledge with highly trained professionals.

At HM Group we provide solutions for challenging environments. We understand that industrial clients differ from commercial and domestic clients therefore we provide a safe demolition service tailored to your needs.

Book Your Asbestos Inspection Today

Worried about the presence of asbestos in your building?

HM Group can inspect your residential, commercial, or industrial building for the presence of asbestos. Our team has 27+ years of experience and can create a detailed plan to minimise health risks and successfully remove any asbestos safely.

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