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Bonded asbestos is something that we often see in Brisbane. You can find it in many residential and commercial properties. If you have bonded asbestos in your living space, you need to remove them as soon as possible. This is where you should contact an expert like us.

Our team at HM Group offers bonded asbestos Brisbane removal services. We are experts in bonded asbestos removal. With over 27 years of experience, we know how to deliver top-notch results to you. You can also expect us to provide comprehensive solutions with bonded asbestos removal. If you are not too sure about the presence of asbestos presence, you can contact us. We will come to your location and test for asbestos. After asbestos identification, we can start removing it. We use the right methods for bonded asbestos removal. Moreover, we adhere to asbestos safety measures as well. You can expect to get our services on any convenient day of the week.

Dangers of having bonded asbestos

Bonded asbestos can disrupt your good health. Let’s learn more about the dangers that you have to face with bonded asbestos.

  • You can get mesothelioma
  • You will have respiratory illnesses
  • You will disrupt your neighbourhood
  • You can get asbestosis
  • You might get lung cancer
  • The value of your property will drop

If you don’t want to experience any of these, contact us for bonded asbestos removal.

Bonded asbestos testing and inspection

We will offer our services with asbestos risk assessment. This is where we look for the presence of asbestos containing materials. This helps us to confirm whether asbestos is present in your living space or not. If we discover asbestos, we will take appropriate measures to remove it from your living space.

We have knowledge and expertise in asbestos identification. That’s where we use the latest tools and technologies. Our asbestos detection methods are highly accurate. Therefore, we will provide outstanding results to you. We have our own accredited laboratory for asbestos testing and analysis. By collecting samples from your property, we will send them to the laboratory. This is where we analyse asbestos samples. Based on that, we can confirm the presence of bonded asbestos. We will also provide details on the condition of bonded asbestos. After that, we can work together to work on a bonded asbestos removal plan.

Safety first approach

We adhere to asbestos safety measures during bonded asbestos testing. We will collect samples wearing personal protective equipment. Then we will adhere to safety standards when testing for asbestos. Our team will even ensure adherence to safety when removing asbestos.

We make sure that you receive the safest professional asbestos services from us. Feel free to contact HM Group for more information.

Professional Asbestos Services

When dealing with asbestos, you should always contact a professional. Then you can make sure that you get a top-notch service. We can help you with:

  • Bonded asbestos testing
  • Bonded asbestos removal
  • Bonded asbestos disposal
  • Health risk assessment
  • Bonded asbestos identification
  • Asbestos risk register
  • Future asbestos prevention
  • And many more

You can connect with us for all your asbestos needs. With 27+ years of experience, we are ready to offer the best service.

Bonded asbestos removal and disposal

When dealing with bonded asbestos Brisbane, you can contact us. We will help you to identify the sources and dispose of them effectively. Our main focus is safety. On top of that, we also focus on the efficient removal of bonded asbestos. We understand that you never wish to share your space with bonded asbestos. This is why we use the right methods to find all sources of bonded asbestos. Then we will come up with a plan to find the best approach to remove them.

We know how to remove bonded asbestos without causing any disturbance. Our team adheres to asbestos regulations compliance at all times. This is why we handle the asbestos containing materials with care. The team ensures that no asbestos fibres will release into the air. We are fully aware of the health effects of asbestos exposure. This is why we don’t want to cause any cross contamination. You can keep your house free from asbestos after getting our services. Your neighbours will not need to worry about asbestos as well. We ensure the good heal and well-being of everyone. Contact us at any given time of the day to get this outstanding service.

Why choose HM Group for bonded asbestos removal?

HM Group is the best service team in Brisbane for bonded asbestos removal. We have the knowledge and tools for asbestos identification. Then we will come up with a custom plan for asbestos removal.

While adhering to the plan, we can ensure hassle-free asbestos abatement. We also ensure to dispose asbestos in an environmentally friendly way. You can expect to receive the best possible support from us.

Enjoy hassle free asbestos removal

Get rid of bonded asbestos
Effective asbestos identification
Asbestos safety measures
27+ years of experience
Minimising health risks of asbestos
Asbestos regulations compliance
All-inclusive asbestos services
Service from the best team in Brisbane

Complete removal of bonded asbestos

When offering bonded asbestos removal services, we don’t leave behind traces. In other words, we provide complete asbestos removal. This is where we offer encapsulation and enclosure services.

You can make sure that your house is fully safe from asbestos containing materials. There is no need to worry about finding asbestos fibres at your home in future. Contact us today.

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We at HM Group work all 7 days of the week. This allows you to contact us and get the bonded asbestos Brisbane services at your convenience. If you have any questions, you can connect with us and ask for them. We will always help you to make an informed decision about bonded asbestos removal. Feel free to connect with us and explore our services today.