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Are you about to remove external cladding at your property? Then you should be mindful of the dangers of asbestos. Your external cladding has asbestos. Removing it will expose you to asbestos. This can lead you to many short-term and long-term health problems. You should not try to do it on your own.

It is better if you can contact us for external cladding removal Brisbane. We are specialists in asbestos cladding removal. No matter how big or small your project is, we can help you with asbestos siding removal. This will help you to overcome the asbestos hazard. You can also complete the job while adhering to asbestos regulations. We are mindful of asbestos safety when removing external cladding. You need to contact HM Group and schedule your appointment for it. We will come to your location and help you to complete the job right.

Dangers of asbestos cladding

  • Health risks
  • Legal Requirements
  • Scope of removal
  • Worker safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Enhancing property value

There can be many reasons to remove external cladding from your property. We can help you with the removal at all times. All you need to do is to connect with us and schedule your appointment today.

Asbestos classic identification and testing

Before exterior asbestos abatement, we will do proper identification and testing of surfaces. You need to schedule an appointment for it. Then a team of our experts will come to your property. We come equipped to do testing.

We completely understand that asbestos is a hazardous material. You can often find it in older buildings. We have certified professionals, who can conduct thorough asbestos inspections. Our inspections are effective. As a result, you can confirm the presence of asbestos-containing materials. By taking samples of your exterior cladding, we do investigations at our laboratories.

If we find asbestos in your exterior cladding, we will help you with removing it as well. We can start this off with asbestos exterior wall treatment. As licensed asbestos contractors, we can take care of the entire job. From asbestos abatement to safe asbestos disposal, we can handle the job.

Health risks asbestos cladding

You should never ignore the presence of asbestos cladding on your property. It contains the microscopic fibres, which release into the air. These tiny fibres can get into your body and lead to serious health problems. Asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer are to name a few.

But, asbestos was a common construction material back in the day. If you have external cladding, there is a high possibility for asbestos to contain. This is where you need to contact us and receive our asbestos removal services.

Professional asbestos cladding removal

We strive to provide professional asbestos cladding removal services to you at all times. Here are some reasons to work with us.

  • Over 27 years of experience
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Asbestos regulation
  • Thorough inspection
  • Reliable asbestos testing
  • Asbestos risk mitigation
  • Asbestos cladding removal
  • Safe asbestos disposal

If you want to get the best external cladding removal Brisbane, contact us today. Our team is more than happy to help you with it.

Our asbestos cladding removal process

We will inspect to confirm the presence of asbestos cladding. Then we will start asbestos cladding removal. This is where we adhere to all regulations for asbestos removal.

At HM Group, we always strive to ensure safe and proper removal. This is why we follow the guidelines set by local authorities. We also use industry-leading techniques. Our excellent equipment can help you cut the risk of fibre release. You don’t need to worry about environmental contamination when working with us.

We know that there are different types of cladding materials. Viny and timber are the most common options. You can also find aluminium cladding among them. Regardless of the type available, we strive to deliver the best services to you. This is where we use cutting-edge techniques. The asbestos remediation services we offer are comprehensive. We will slow disruption to your property during this job.

After removing asbestos cladding, we will pay attention to surface preparation. This is where we prepare the underlying the surface for next step. We will assess the surface and prepare it. When leaving your property, we will leave a clean and smooth surface. You can go for any later treatment.

Why choose us for asbestos external cladding removal?

HM Group has over 27 years of experience in asbestos removal. We also have a team of skilled professionals. With extensive experience, they can complete cladding removal jobs to perfection.

You can trust our expertise to handle projects on any scale. No matter what, we always deliver positive results to you. While offering the services, we also pay attention to safety and compliance. Likewise, we pay attention to detail and help you keep peace of mind.

Specialist asbestos cladding removal services

Complete asbestos cladding removal
Asbestos cladding inspection
Remediation services
Regulatory compliance
Over 27 years of experience
Professional services
Licensed specialists
And many more

We ensure customer satisfaction

Our goal is to meet all your expectations with external cladding removal Brisbane. This is why we get perfect results at the end of the day. We maintain an open line of communication when working with you.

Moreover, we ensure to cater to all your specific needs. From the moment you connect with us, you will experience how different we are. This is our speciality and that’s why we are in the business for 27 years.

Contact HM Group today

When you want asbestos exterior cladding removal, you can contact us. We are a team of experts, who will always deliver professional results. You can contact us now to clarify all the doubts you have about asbestos cladding. Then we will offer our expert services. Upon asbestos cladding testing, we will go ahead with the removal. Our team will take care of everything. You don’t have a reason to worry about it. Contact us today!