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Does your vinyl flooring contain dangerous asbestos materials and needs removal?

If your property was built before 1980, there’s a chance that asbestos materials were used during the construction of it. While vinyl flooring is usually non-friable asbestos, meaning that the asbestos particles aren’t being released into the air — it can quickly become an extreme health hazard.

When your vinyl floors are damaged or age over time, the asbestos can become friable and enter the air. This can put yourself and anyone else in the vicinity at risk.

Vinyl flooring comes in a wide range of different sheeting options such as thin domestic sheeting and thicker industrial grade vinyl flooring. However, it is impossible to accurately determine whether or not your vinyl flooring contains asbestos without a professional.

At HM Group, our team of experts have 27+ years of experience in dealing with all things asbestos. We can safely inspect your vinyl and send it to the lab for study.

Are you worried about the possibility of your vinyl flooring containing asbestos?

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Dangers Of Asbestos in Vinyl Flooring

Over long periods of time asbestos can even cause death

Increased Risk Of Lung Cancer


Mesothelioma Cancer

Pleural Plaques

Chest Pains


Can I Remove Vinyl Flooring Myself?

Good condition vinyl asbestos flooring is usually non-friable, but if the vinyl flooring is crumbling, it is a huge indicator that it is friable asbestos which can be very dangerous to you and your property.

Removing asbestos flooring yourself can release toxic dust which will be inhaled. This can get stuck in your lungs and lead to increased risk of cancer and other illnesses.

Under no circumstances should you handle material that you suspect contains asbestos.

At HM Group, we use specialised safety equipment designed for usage while handling asbestos. We can safely remove your vinyl flooring and dispose of it ourselves. Because of all the extra precautions taken, it can take up to a whole day to safely remove your vinyl flooring.

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Why Choose HM Group

Want to work with industry leaders in asbestos removal in vinyl flooring?

HM Group has 27+ years of experience and are A-class licenced and $20 million Public Liability Insured.

Our customers enjoy a wide range of specialist services, including:

Safe removal and the disposal of friable asbestos and non-friable asbestos

commercial property demolition

asbestos inspections and detection

preliminary testing

comprehensive quotes and planning

internal strip outs

and so much more…

If there has been any damage done to asbestos material in your property, there is a high probability that asbestos has been dislodged into the air and requires immediate attention.

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