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Do you need help with asbestos removal Maroochydore? Let us help you with it. We maintain a strong reputation by offering asbestos abatement services to everyone. Whether you are a residential property owner or a commercial property owner, you can contact us. With decades of experience, you can expect HM Group to provide the best service to you.

We have a team of trained experts. They are willing to deliver top-notch solutions to you with asbestos removal. With proper asbestos removal, we will ensure the good health and wellbeing of you. On top of that, we will make sure to remove all health risks that you are dealing with as well.

Our team understands the dangers of asbestos containing materials. That’s why we provide comprehensive and professional asbestos removal. You can get our services from inspecting asbestos to asbestos disposal. As a result, you will not come across the need to deal with asbestos on your own.

You can also expect us to offer asbestos removal services at an affordable price. We are looking forward to delivering the best results to you. All you have to do is to contact us and schedule your appointment for asbestos removal. Then we will come to you and offer it.

Why choose us?

Several reasons are available for you to work with us for asbestos removal. Let’s take a look at a few such reasons.

  • Licensed and certified

    If you are looking for certified asbestos contractors Maroochydore, we are here to help. We provide peace of mind to you with our asbestos removal services.

  • Safety compliance

    We adhere to safety guidelines and regulations when offering the service. We also ensure a compliant and safe asbestos removal process for you.

  • Experience

    With many years of experience, HM Group can take care of all your asbestos removal needs. We will help you with all the asbestos remediation help you need.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Without dealing with asbestos at home, it is worth contacting us. We will help you to overcome asbestos problems without spending a fortune on it.

Expert Asbestos Removal

We focus heavily on safety compliance when offering asbestos removal services. Our team strictly adheres to regulations and guidelines. With that, we will help you to get rid of asbestos effectively and overcome the diseases it can trigger. Feel free to contact us today.

We are using state-of-the-art equipment for asbestos removal. With the right tools and technologies, we can ensure effective asbestos removal. Our team can also deliver faster results to you. Along with that, we will not cause any disruptions to your daily life.


Asbestos Testing to Asbestos Disposal

You can contact us for comprehensive asbestos removal Maroochydore. Here’s an overview of the steps we follow to offer the service.

Asbestos inspection and testing

Our services start with asbestos inspection and testing. We do a comprehensive inspection of your property. Upon collecting samples, we will test them at our state-of-the-art laboratory.

Asbestos removal

While adhering to safety precautions in asbestos removal, we will start it off. We will be creating a proper asbestos removal plan. While adhering to that plan, we will start the removal. You can expect us to use the latest methods in asbestos removal. For example, we use methods like asbestos encapsulation for removal.

Asbestos disposal

After successful asbestos removal, we will proceed with the disposal. This is where we adhere to all relevant regulations. Our team will ensure that no environmental contamination will happen. For example, we will properly package asbestos waste. Then we will proceed with removing asbestos. As licensed asbestos removal experts, we know what we are doing. You can trust our process and hand over the work to us.

If you want us to execute this process, you just need to contact us and schedule the appointment. We specialize in asbestos removal in older buildings. By simply contacting us, you can schedule the appointment and let us deliver impressive results on your way.

Asbestos removal certificate

If you have asbestos on your property, you are struggling to remove it. This is where you can contact a specialist like us. We will come to your location and help you in removing asbestos. Our team will deliver the best returns on your way with asbestos removal.

The best thing about our services is that we take responsibility for the work we do. That’s why we provide you with an asbestos removal certificate as well. We issue this certificate upon rigorous testing. It will ensure that your property is asbestos free. You will be able to use the certificate as evidence for successful asbestos removal.

Without taking any risk of removing asbestos, you can contact us. Then you just need to let us execute the asbestos removal process. Upon completing it, we will provide you with a certificate as well. You can expect us to deliver comprehensive results your way while adhering to your preferences.

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Asbestos removal is a must

Getting rid of asbestos is something that you should do. That’s because asbestos can be dangerous to your good health. If you are a homeowner, you should consider residential asbestos removal. It will help you to protect yourself and your loved family members from danger. Likewise, commercial property owners should consider commercial property abatement. Then you can ensure that your workplace is safe for everyone.

You can connect with us no matter what your asbestos removal needs are. We will come to your place and offer asbestos removal. Our team knows how to completely remove asbestos without leaving behind any traces. You just need to trust our team and let them take control of the job. With guaranteed asbestos removal, working with HM Group is not a decision that you will regret.


Yes, we do. Even if you need emergency asbestos removal assistance, you can connect with us.

Our team uses the latest state-of-the-art equipment. This is why we can deliver perfect results to you in a short time.

Yes, we always adhere to safety compliance during asbestos removal. You will never come across a reason to complain about.

Yes, we do offer asbestos removal to you at competitive pricing. Connect with us today and learn more about the prices.

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If you suspect asbestos in your property, feel free to contact us now. Our team is more than happy to answer your questions and help you with asbestos removal. Act now to remove asbestos. Then you can protect your good health and the good health of others around you.