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Do you need help with asbestos removal in Capalaba? Our team at HM Group is there to help you with it. As a team, we are capable of addressing all the asbestos-related problems that you deal with promptly. You can also expect us to offer a professional service to you at all times.

Asbestos is a hazardous material. The tiny asbestos fibres can easily become airborne. Once you inhale these fibres, you will end up with health problems. At HM Group, we use the most effective methods for asbestos removal. You can get our asbestos abatement services and completely get rid of the problem that you are dealing with.

We will come to your place and offer our services. We are using state-of-the-art equipment to provide the services. With that, we ensure the complete elimination of asbestos from your property. You can get an asbestos removal certificate from us as well. After removing asbestos, we provide you with a safe and healthy living space. If you have asbestos at a commercial site, we deliver a healthier working environment.

We also specialise in safe asbestos disposal. Never worry about any disease that asbestos can trigger. You just need to contact us and get the help of our certified asbestos contractors.

Why choose us?

Plenty of reasons are there to select HM Group for asbestos removal Capalaba. Let’s take a look at a few main reasons for them.

  • We focus more on safety

    Capalaba Asbestos removal requires a lot of safety. That’s why we take all possible safety measures while offering the services. We also use advanced protective gear to ensure the well-being of our team and the people on your premises.

  • Experience

    With more than 27+ years of experience, we know how to handle any type of asbestos removal job. You name it and we can take care of it while delivering outstanding results.

  • Comprehensive services

    From asbestos testing to asbestos disposal, we offer comprehensive services to you. We adhere to the industry’s best practices when offering our services well.

  • Available for anyone

    We don’t just focus on residential asbestos removal. We can also help you with commercial asbestos abatement. You can simply contact us and schedule an appointment for the service.

Expert Asbestos Removal Services

We are using state-of-the-art equipment to offer our asbestos removal services in Capalaba. By using cutting-edge technologies, we can complete the job in minimum time. Our team also strives to deliver maximum returns on your way with the use of the latest technologies. Contact us to know more about it.

We are transparent with the pricing. Before we start removing hazardous asbestos materials, we will provide you with an estimate. It will clearly explain the breakdown of our charges. We make sure that we don’t overcharge you when dealing with asbestos at home. We are your trusted partner for asbestos remediation.


Our asbestos removal process

It is worth knowing about our Capalaba asbestos removal process before you start working with us. Throughout every stage, we take safety precautions in asbestos removal.

Asbestos inspection and testing

We will start with asbestos inspection and testing. By visiting your place, we will look for the areas where asbestos is present. We will clarify the doubts by taking samples and checking them at our laboratory.

Asbestos removal

We create a proper strategy for asbestos removal. This helps us in adhering to the most effective methods in asbestos removal. We ensure we don’t make any mistakes during the removal process. We use the latest technologies such as asbestos encapsulation to deliver outstanding results on your way.

Asbestos disposal

Our team has a complete understanding of the health risks of asbestos exposure. That’s why we don’t just want to dispose of asbestos out there in the environment. We use the most effective methods for asbestos disposal. This is where we partner with some of the local asbestos disposal facilities. By working with us, you can ensure that we take care of your asbestos problem in the most effective way.

Adhering to asbestos removal regulations

We are one of the licensed asbestos removal experts in Capalaba. That’s why we adhere to the asbestos removal regulations when offering our services to you. This helps us in delivering a professional and legal service. You can trust us, and we will handle your asbestos removal job responsibly. We will also be adhering to all the requirements.

Living with asbestos is a legal violation as well. Asbestos is a hazardous material. It can contaminate your living space. You will not be putting yourself at risk, but also your neighbours. If you have commercial property, you will be risking the lives of your employees and customers. This can eventually lead to hefty fines and penalties. That’s where you need to contact us. We can help you with asbestos removal in older buildings. By making them safe, we ensure that you never have to worry about any asbestos-related problems in future. Contact us and we will be there to help you with all your asbestos removal requirements.

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Asbestos removal plan preparation

Dealing with asbestos can be tricky. This is where we come up with a proper asbestos removal plan. To create the asbestos removal plan, we use the asbestos inspection report from your property. It helps us to get a better understanding of the asbestos problem that you are dealing with. Based on that, we will be creating a custom asbestos removal plan.

We consider all possible factors when creating the asbestos removal plan. It helps us to follow the most effective strategy to help you overcome the asbestos problem. You don’t have to think twice before contacting us. We are more than happy to create a custom asbestos removal plan and implement it at your property. With that, we maintain transparency in our services.


We take utmost care of asbestos waste. By adhering to the most effective methods, we will be disposing of them from your property.

Yes, after completion of the job, we will provide you with an asbestos removal certificate. It ensures the proper removal of asbestos from your living space.

It depends on the nature of the asbestos problem you have. We will do a proper inspection and confirm whether you need to vacate.

Yes, we adhere to all the local laws when offering our asbestos removal services. You will never have to deal with any fines or penalties.

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By adhering to the laws, we strive to deliver a perfect asbestos removal experience to you. We also adhere to the proper methods of asbestos removal, so that you will not have to deal with any issues on your own.