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Are you looking for an expert to help with asbestos removal Mooloolaba? Then you are at the right place. We at HM Group have the expertise to offer top-notch asbestos removal services to you. From asbestos inspection to asbestos disposal, we take care of the entire process. It provides you with peace of mind. You will also be able to save a lot of money by working with us.

Asbestos was once a popular construction material. The excellent heat and fire-resistant properties of asbestos made people use it often. However, people later figured out the health risks of asbestos. The tiny asbestos fibres can easily become airborne. You can easily inhale these fibres as well. That’s where you will end up with getting health issues. The health risks of asbestos are not immediate. It will take years for the symptoms to develop. However, these health conditions can be fatal. That’s where you need to look for ways to remove asbestos immediately.

Our asbestos abatement services can help you with removing asbestos. We do a comprehensive inspection of your property to find asbestos. Then we will go ahead and remove asbestos from the property. You just need to call us and hand over the job.

Why choose us?

HM Group is the leading asbestos removal service in Mooloolaba. Let’s take a look at the reasons to work with us.

  • Certified asbestos contractors

    We are one of the certified asbestos contractors in Mooloolaba. Our team has a clear idea of how to remove asbestos. We also work according to industry standards and use the highest possible technologies.

  • Disease prevention

    After our asbestos removal services, you don’t need to worry about any illnesses. We take care of the responsibility of completely removing asbestos from your living space.

  • Thorough asbestos inspection

    Before removing asbestos, you must confirm if it is present in your living space. This is where we can help you with thorough asbestos inspection. Our team will check for traces of asbestos and make sure that we remove everything.

  • Proper disposal

    After removing asbestos from your property, we properly dispose of them as well. Our team will make sure that they will never cause environmental contamination. We work with a few asbestos disposal facilities in Mooloolaba to ensure it.

Professional Asbestos Removal Mooloolaba

We offer air quality testing services with asbestos removal. With that, we make sure that no asbestos is left behind after our removal services. You can also get an asbestos removal certificate with it. This will offer peace of mind to you, knowing that no asbestos is present.

Our team uses the most effective methods for asbestos remediation. For example, we use the asbestos encapsulation method for removal. Anyone dealing with asbestos at home can connect with us and receive the benefits of our plans. We ensure that you get perfect results.


Our Asbestos Removal Process

We at HM Group take all safety precautions in asbestos removal. Let’s take a quick look at the asbestos removal process we follow and how it can benefit you.

Asbestos inspection

We start the job with a thorough asbestos inspection. This is where we look for hazardous asbestos materials. Upon collecting samples, we take them to our laboratory. We can complete asbestos inspection and testing within the shortest possible time. You will also be getting a report after our inspection.

Asbestos removal

As per the report, we will go ahead and remove asbestos. You can contact us for residential asbestos removal. We also excel in commercial asbestos abatement. Depending on the nature of your asbestos problem, we use the most effective removal methods. The best thing about asbestos removal services is that we prevent cross-contamination. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the health risks of asbestos exposure.

Asbestos disposal

We will take care of asbestos disposal as well. As licensed asbestos removal experts, we work with asbestos disposal facilities in Mooloolaba. This helps us to properly dispose of asbestos while adhering to government regulations.

Effective asbestos removal

HM group offer effective asbestos removal Mooloolaba. You don’t need to keep any doubts in mind about our asbestos removal methods. That’s because we use the most effective ways for asbestos removal in older buildings.

Asbestos encapsulation is one of the most effective methods we follow. Before removal, we will deeply analyse the nature of the asbestos issue you deal with. It helps us in determining the most effective approach for asbestos removal. We ensure the effectiveness of asbestos encapsulation. That’s because we seal the asbestos-containing materials before removal. As a result, we can prevent the release of fibres into the environment. It helps us with overcoming further contamination. We also ensure safety and durability with our asbestos removal methods.

If you are happy with the asbestos removal method we follow, feel free to connect with us. Our team members are more than happy to offer additional information to you as well. You can clarify all the doubts you have in mind and proceed with asbestos removal. We will offer an outstanding service at all times.

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We are the best service team for asbestos removal

From asbestos inspection to asbestos waste disposal, we take care of the job. It allows you to stick to just one service provider for all asbestos removal needs. This will help you in overcoming the asbestos problem you deal with effectively.

Our team has experienced and licensed asbestos removal experts. With extensive training, they know how to deal with your situation. We are also familiar with the local regulations and guidelines in asbestos removal. That’s why we ensure full compliance with asbestos removal. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction at the end of the day. You don’t need to look for anyone else, since we leave you behind with outstanding results. Feel free to contact us and schedule your appointment today.


We use the most effective asbestos removal methods such as asbestos encapsulation. It helps us in delivering effective results.

Yes, we are a licensed asbestos removal Mooloolaba company. You shouldn’t think twice before inviting us to your home.

Yes, our specialists can help you with industrial asbestos removal as well. Feel free to contact us for more information.

It depends on multiple factors. Contact us and let us provide you with a complete estimate, without any hidden fees.

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