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Hazardous materials like asbestos endanger human health. Your house could contain asbestos-containing materials if it was built before the 1990s. For example, asbestos cement sheeting has the potential to release harmful fibres when damaged or disturbed. Numerous respiratory conditions, including asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer, can happen due to asbestos exposure. This is where you should be working with an experienced asbestos removal company such as HM Group to get rid of asbestos from your living space. 

Anyone who needs our services may count on us to get excellent outcomes since we are licensed to remove asbestos. Contacting us is easy for anybody seeking for a certified asbestos removalist

We are committed to offer the best possible asbestos removal service to you. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals can safely identify and remove any kind of asbestos-containing material, including insulation, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, and roofing materials. We use state-of-the-art instruments and techniques to ensure that the asbestos is removed safely and successfully. You can depend on the procedures we use, and at the end of the day, we guarantee that your home is free of asbestos waste.

Why Choose Us?

There are several choices to take into account while searching for a service provider with licenses for asbestos removal. The best course of action for you to do is to get in touch with us. Here are some justifications for working with us to eliminate asbestos-contaminated dust.

We provide a specialized service

Our asbestos removal process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your house, followed by the development of a bespoke strategy tailored to your specific needs and budget.

We follow safety protocols

Our personnel follows strict safety procedures while executing the removal process to protect you and your property. Additionally, we ensure that any hazardous materials are disposed of in accordance with federal, state, and municipal regulations.

We respond promptly to inquiries

Contact us whenever you want asbestos abatement services. To assist you in removing asbestos cement sheets with airborne asbestos fibres, we will provide a prompt and effective service.

We protect people's health and safety

Your family's and your colleagues' health and safety are your primary concerns, and we at HM Group are aware of this. We are dedicated to providing our clients with reliable and effective asbestos removal services as a result.

Professional services for asbestos removal


Never attempt to handle asbestos-containing material by yourself. Instead, it is preferable to enlist the assistance of a professional to accomplish the asbestos removal task. We’re here to support you in it. From your living area, we remove asbestos products and fibres. 

Both friable and non-friable asbestos may be removed by our company. 

We provide our services to residential premises as well as government buildings like government offices as a reputable asbestos removalist.

To ensure that your home is free of asbestos dangers, schedule a consultation with us as soon as possible.

Asbestos External Wall Cladding Removal

Our asbestos removal procedure

As certified asbestos removalists, we remove asbestos cement sheets and asbestos-contaminated dust in accordance with the right technique. We ensure that your living environment is free of asbestos-contaminated dust at the conclusion of the removal.

Step 1 – Inspection and evaluation of asbestos

We will begin with an asbestos examination and evaluation by a certified asbestos removalist from our company. Here is where asbestos-containing goods like asbestos sheets may be found. We provide an entire strategy with accompanying paperwork after air monitoring and asbestos cement detection. Based on it, we'll design a special strategy for asbestos removal that protects your health and safety.

Step 2 – Asbestos abatement

We shall begin removing items containing asbestos as soon as our certified asbestos assessors give their approval. Starting out, we use HEPA vacuums to seal off your premises. After that, we apply wetting agents to stop asbestos-contaminated dust from spreading. We can remove asbestos while covering up to 10 square meters at once.

Step 3 – Disposal of asbestos

Asbestos will be disposed of in compliance with state and municipal laws. This is the reason our asbestos removal work is thorough. We also avoid contamination when removing anything. Amazing outcomes are produced by doing the task in accordance with the rules.

Knowing the risks associated with asbestos

Asbestos was a common construction material in the past. People did not, however, start to learn about the risks associated with asbestos exposure until the 1990s. The use of asbestos was then forbidden. According to Safe Work Australia standards and regulations, asbestos is no longer allowed in any residential or commercial structures. If so, you must eliminate it as soon as you can.

The hazard associated with asbestos removal as a part of that procedure should be clearly known to the general population. If yes, you’ll assist us in eliminating them so that we can minimise exposure and pollution. We will be able to remove asbestos from your house in the safest way possible. Contact us if you want more details on how we work.

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Why is asbestos removal crucial?

If you want to ensure your health and safety, asbestos material removal is a need. whether your roofing contains any plastic or other materials, you need to examine to discover whether they contain asbestos. If so, do get in touch with us so we can get rid of it. By ignoring this, you run the risk of inhaling in dangerous asbestos fibres. As a consequence of this, you’ll get mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer. We will provide the best asbestos removal service after we have verified the presence of this dangerous substance. Contact us and send the job over straight away.


Asbestosis and mesothelioma are the two most common health conditions associated with asbestos exposure. However, it can also lead you to lung cancer in the long run. For further information, contact us.
No, it is not a good idea to stay at home during the asbestos removal process. We encourage you to move out, until we clear debris away from you.
Yes, it is better if you can connect with us before going for a demolition. Then we will be able to help you get rid of asbestos containing materials without causing any threat to you.
Yes, we are using the latest available equipment for asbestos debris removal. You can expect to receive a top-notch service from us.

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