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Asbestos is a commonly used material used by contractors in their construction work. As much as it has its perks there is a negative factor to these materials. Asbestos fibres cause high health risks to humans. Due to this factor, it is highly recommended to remove asbestos-containing products. Asbestos removal Brighton work should be assigned to an expert in the field. For they are competent, qualified, and well-trained. HM Group has a well-trained team of asbestos removalists and experts. These experts could assist you with the task of removing asbestos from your property.

With 27 years of experience and expertise, HM Group offers its services. As asbestos removal licence holders, the employees carry out their job diligently . HM group offers the following services. Asbestos removal work, asbestos demolition, clearance inspections, and disposal. They also offer consultation, air monitoring, and testing for asbestos-related jobs. Our services are open to the domestic and commercial residents of Brighton.

At Brisbane, we are one of the leading asbestos removal companies.  We carry out the job adhering to the given rules and regulations. They are the Queensland Health and Safety Legislation rule. And the Health and Safety (AS/NZS 4801) Regulations. Using the above as guidance, our licensed asbestos removalists proceed to work safely.


As an asbestos removal company in Brighton, HM Group has many services that they offer. Among the many factors below are a few points that explain why our services are recommended.


    HM Group has over 27 years of experience in asbestos removal work. The knowledge and experience of many years have made us experts in the field.


    As an expert in the field, we follow the regulations that are in place. The health and safety (AS/NZS 4801) rules are carried out effectively. We are a reliable Brighton asbestos removal company. On request, we will undertake the job and use our experts to complete it.


    Our asbestos testing team has gone through training and is competent in asbestos removal work. They engage with our customers professionally. Be assured, no inconvenience will be caused to you or your family.


    Our costs are based on the work that’s been carried out. In comparison to other asbestos removal companies, our prices are reasonable. I must say that it is worth the cost.


Asbestos removal work should be handled by a licensed removalist. HM Group offers a detailed service to their customers. The services are offered to the homeowners of Brighton. We also offer commercial asbestos removal work for business owners in Brighton.

We offer not only asbestos removal work. Also, asbestos removal awareness to those who are interested. Apart from removal, asbestos testing, and disposal services is given. We will dispose of the removed asbestos without any damage to the property.

The removal process is not taken very lightly. We always follow the health and safety (AS/NZS 4801) rules. This is for the safety of our employers and the residents.

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We follow a comprehensive removal process, in the asbestos removal job. Below is a quick recap of the steps.

Step 1 - Preparation of site

The very first step is to secure the site. This ensures the safety of those around. Our licensed asbestos removalists in Brighton will install plastic sheeting. It is to limit the exposure to asbestos dust in the removal process. The air vents and ducts will be sealed off by the asbestos removalists. The Plastic sheets will isolate the work area. This method will help trap the friable asbestos and the non-friable asbestos.

Step 2 - Asbestos removal work

First of all, the selected site is being prepared. Then asbestos removalists will put on their personal protective gear. This is to avoid contamination. These protective coveralls keep the friable asbestos away. It creates a safe space for the asbestos removalist to work in. The equipment used in the process can be dangerous. dry stripping and wet stripping are two techniques used in the removal. based on the site and task the equipment may differ. Always recommend not to do the removal yourself for safety purposes.

Step 3 - Asbestos waste disposal

The removed asbestos products will be transported off the property for disposal. removed asbestos and the contaminated coveralls will be put in leakproof containers. It will be transported to a licensed disposal facility. they will be disposed of following the legal regulations. it is so that no environmental hazard is caused. We offer safe and reliable service to our customers.


In the construction industry asbestos is commonly used. Durability, strength, fire retardant, and insulation are a few of the asbestos capabilities. Considering these factors people used asbestos. It was much later that analysis and reports showed the disturbed side of asbestos. Asbestos releases tiny particles(fibres) into the air. These fibres are extremely dangerous. exposure to this asbestos dust increased health risks. inhaled fibres get buildup within the body. This leads to serious complications. example -lung cancer.

since you are aware of the potential risk to health it’s best you not get involved. Leave the removal task to the experts who are well-trained. When removing asbestos from your building contact a registered company. Their licensed asbestos removalist in Brighton will complete the task for you. These experts have many years of experience. You should never try to remove asbestos on your own. you will be endangering your family and loved ones to the toxic fibres.

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If there is asbestos in your home, proceed to remove them from your property in Brighton. Exposure to these highly toxic fibres can cause serious health conditions. The fibres can cause mesothelioma, respiratory illness, and lung cancer. Not only in homes business owners should remove asbestos from their buildings. This is for the safety of your family and loved ones and the employers.

There is a regulation in Brisbane, that all asbestos materials are to be removed. This is to ensure the safety of the people residing. The regulation is mentioned in the Work Health and Safety Regulation Act – 2011. Contact a licensed asbestos removalist when removing asbestos.


Contact a professional asbestos inspector. They will test and give you a report on the findings. HM Group offers these services.

Most Importantly contact an expert. An asbestos removal company like HM Group has the tools and employers to assist you.

Periodic asbestos inspections should be performed, particularly in older structures where asbestos may be present.

Never attempt to remove it on your own as it’s very dangerous. Contact a licensed asbestos removalist. They have the equipment, material, and means to complete the task for you. They are also more knowledgeable and well-trained than you are in the removal process.

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