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Don’t let hidden dangers lurk within roof. If you live or work in an older building constructed before the 1980s, there’s a high possibility for asbestos to be present on the roof. Unfortunately, asbestos can lead you to multiple health conditions, such as mesothelioma, asbestos, and lung cancer. You don’t see the tiny asbestos fibers with your eyes, but it will get into your body and make you sick. This is why you should contact HM Group and seek our assistance to remove asbestos containing materials.

HM Group is a licensed asbestos removalist. We have obtained the asbestos removal license, and we have a clear understanding on how to get asbestos removal work done. Our asbestos testing team will come to your location and offer the services with professionalism. With years of experience, we can completely remove asbestos materials from your living space. With the right sealing techniques, we make sure that asbestos waste or asbestos fibers won’t cross contaminate your living space. We take care of the job in a safe and controlled manner. By doing that, we ensure the safety of everyone. Just contact us for your roofing asbestos removal and we will deliver outstanding results.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for a specialist for asbestos abatement in Brisbane, you can contact HM Group. Below mentioned are a few reasons why you should connect with us.

We adhere to compliance

We comply with all the relevant guidelines and regulations when removing asbestos materials. Our asbestos abatement process is safe and compliant at all times.

We carry insurance

As defined in the asbestos removal license, we carry a comprehensive insurance coverage when offering the services. This will help us to protect our team as well as your property during the asbestos removal process.

We provide a speedy service

We will make sure to complete the asbestos removal job in the fastest possible time. While rushing to complete the job within a short time period, we make sure that there is no compromise on quality and safety.

Environmentally friends

We make sure that asbestos fibres are not leaked to the environment during our asbestos removal services. We dispose asbestos cement sheeting in designated disposal sites. You ca expect us to deliver comprehensive results in removing airborne asbestos fibres from your breathing space.

Top-notch asbestos removal services

When offering asbestos removal work, safety is our top priority. We always adhere to strict protocols in order to minimize the risk of exposure to asbestos. This is why we test for the presence of asbestos waste. When leaving your property upon the completion of the job, we make sure that asbestos contaminated dust is never present.

This will help you to get reliable and high-quality asbestos removal services from us. We also comply with all the relevant regulations when removing asbestos. Our commitment to safety is unmatched, and you will never regret about hiring our services.

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How we remove asbestos

We use a proven procedure to remove both friable asbestos and non friable asbestos. Here is an overview of the process that we follow to help you completely get rid of asbestos from the living space.

Step 1 – Conducting asbestos assessment

The very first step is to determine the presence of asbestos containing materials in your living space. We are using the latest technologies to detect asbestos fibres in the most effective way. As a result, we can even detect tiny amounts of airborne asbestos fibres. We will focus more on the pipes and plastic materials to see if asbestos has accumulated on them.

Step 2 – Asbestos removal

Upon completion of asbestos assessment, we will start the asbestos removal job. We know how to completely get rid of asbestos materials. We do it using specialized techniques and equipment. As a result, we are capable of delivering a safe and effective job to you.

Step 3 – Asbestos disposal

After removing asbestos, it is quite important to dispose them in an environmentally friendly way. We will securely and carefully transport asbestos contaminated dust along with sheets. Then we will dispose them at a licensed asbestos disposal site. We adhere to all the relevant guidelines and regulations during this process as well.

Asbestos Awareness

A naturally occurring mineral called asbestos was frequently employed in building materials for many years. However, asbestos exposure can cause major health issues like mesothelioma and lung cancer. It’s critical to be informed about the potential hazards of asbestos and to take the necessary precautions to protect both you and others. It’s crucial to contact a reputable asbestos removal firm like HM Group if you think your property might contain asbestos.

We are capable of removing asbestos in the best possible way. As one of the license holders for asbestos removal, our team can come to your place and conduct an asbestos assessment. Upon completion of the asbestos assessment, we will confirm whether asbestos contaminated dust is present or not. If it is present, we will follow our procedure and help you get rid of asbestos completely. 

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Importance of Asbestos Removal

To safeguard people’s health and safety and stop the spread of asbestos fibres, asbestos removal is essential. In excellent condition, asbestos-containing materials might not be dangerous, but when they are disturbed or destroyed, they can spew harmful fibres into the air. When inhaled, these fibres can seriously harm your health. The risk of asbestos exposure is reduced via asbestos removal, which guarantees that the hazardous materials are removed safely and properly.


Asbestos is a common building material that people used for construction work. It was widely used in roofing. 

Lung cancer and mesothelioma are just two of the significant health issues that asbestos exposure can cause.

Without expert testing, it might be challenging to determine whether materials contain asbestos. Contact a seasoned asbestos removal company for an inspection if you believe your property may contain asbestos.

No, asbestos removal should only be done by a qualified asbestos removal company that has the tools and knowledge to remove the dangerous materials safely.

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