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HM Group is one of the most reputed asbestos removal companies that you can find in Mansfield. If you are looking for safe, effective, and reliable asbestos services to remove asbestos containing materials, you may get in touch with these experts. With the asbestos removal license, they can also help you get work with a quality workmanship.

Asbestos is quite a hazardous material. However, people have been using asbestos materials in construction projects. It was used for roofing until the 1980s where people discovered the dangers of asbestos. It was later identified that asbestos materials release tiny fibers, which can lead people to serious health problems. When you have an asbestos roof on top of your head, there is a high possibility for you to inhale these asbestos fibers. This is why you should be mindful about asbestos abatement. We can help you to get rid of asbestos dust from your living space and make it safe for you.

We provide comprehensive services to remove asbestos contaminated dust. As licensed asbestos assessors, we can even check and confirm the presence of asbestos in your living space. Then we will go ahead and remove it, while adhering to local as well as national regulations. 

Why choose us?

HM Group is the best asbestos removal company that you can hire in Mansfield. Below are the reasons why you need to work with us. 

Safety is our top priority

We worked hard to earn our asbestos removal license and we strive hard to protect it. That’s why we comply with health and safety regulations when offering our services.

We are experienced

With years of experience, we know how to deal with asbestos cement sheets and remove them. We deliver excellent results with asbestos abatement, and you don’t need to worry about anything.

We provide comprehensive services

If you are looking for comprehensive asbestos abatement services, you can contact us. As a licensed asbestos removalist, we provide complete services from inspection to disposal.

We deliver quality results

We are always looking forward to delivering quality results to anyone who contacts us for asbestos removal. We help you get rid of both friable asbestos and non-friable asbestos.

Asbestos removal services


Asbestos removal is important to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Whether you own a commercial property or a residential property, you need to check the presence of asbestos containing materials.

 Our licensed asbestos assessors can help you with it. Then you can get our services to remove asbestos. By doing that, you can make sure that you are not subjected to asbestos exposure. This can also help you stay away from all the health risks that would come on your way. Just give us a call and schedule your asbestos cement sheeting service. We deliver comprehensive services to impress you. 

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Our method of removing asbestos

For the removal of items containing asbestos, we adhere to industry best practices. Here is a summary of the procedure we use.

Step 1 – Testing and inspection for asbestos

Our certified asbestos removalist service will do an asbestos examination and testing as the very first step. Here is where we find out whether there is asbestos in your home. We will create a secure removal strategy after the locations of asbestos are identified.

Step 2 –Asbestos abatement

We will remove any asbestos-containing items from your living area while following the asbestos removal strategy. We reduce the possibility of asbestos cross-contamination throughout this operation. In other words, you shouldn't be concerned about exposure to asbestos while we remove it. In order to prevent asbestos waste from leaking out, we shall block up the area. There is nothing to worry about for you or your neighbors.

Step 3 – Safe asbestos removal

We'll start with asbestos removal and finish with asbestos disposal. We follow the guidelines outlined in our asbestos removal license while doing this. We will also provide you a certificate of asbestos removal. We will transport the asbestos sheets to a permitted disposal facility after removal. As a result, you don't need to be concerned about the influence that asbestos disposal might have on the environment.

Getting to know about asbestos

Anyone who is in direct contact with asbestos fibers should be aware of the dangers associated with it. If you have asbestos fibers on the roof above your head, you need to understand that you are breathing in asbestos contaminated dust. This dust will settle down within your lungs. As a result, you will be running into multiple health issues. This is why you should be working with us for safe asbestos removal.

Even if you are managing an industrial facility, you should be mindful about the presence of asbestos waste. Workers who come into contact with asbestos waste would be subjected to health problems as they expose themselves to asbestos waste. Make sure that you remove them, and nobody is getting into any risk due to the presence of asbestos. 

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Why should you worry about asbestos removal

Asbestos can lead you to health problems. As a result, it’s imperative that you get rid of any products that contain asbestos very away. In any other case, the fibers might enter your lungs and cause serious respiratory issues. It’s unfortunate that many buildings still retain materials that contain asbestos.

As a result, you must comprehend the danger and take the necessary steps to eliminate it. We can provide you all the assistance you want for eradicating asbestos fibers. After a long day, you may come home to a safe and healthy living environment thanks to our asbestos removal work.


The time taken for asbestos removal would vary based on the size of your project. However, we use the latest technology and standards to deliver a fast service to you.

If you fail to remove asbestos, you will end up with serious respiratory problems. Lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma are to name a few.

No, doing asbestos removal on your own is not safe. To prevent the discharge of fibers into the air and a danger to human health, asbestos removal needs specific tools and expertise. It is preferable to work with a reputable asbestos removal business.

The removal of asbestos-containing materials is done safely and with the help of specialist tools and methods. To stop fibers from escaping, the space is enclosed, and negative air pressure is produced. Following a meticulous removal, the items are disposed of in accordance with the rules.

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