Did you know that a hidden health hazard may be lurking in many of Albion’s buildings? Asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral once praised for its heat-resistant properties, is now widely recognised as a health nightmare. It’s no small issue, particularly for Aussies, as Australia has one of the highest rates of asbestos-related diseases in the world.

Historical Context of Asbestos in Albion

From the mid-20th century, asbestos emerged as a builder’s dream material in Australia. Its robust, fire-resistant nature made it a popular choice in the construction industry. The charming town of Albion was no exception. Asbestos was used liberally in building homes, schools, and offices. Little did we know, the magic mineral was slowly morphing into a silent killer.

Understanding Asbestos: The Hidden Killer

To truly grasp the gravity of the issue, let’s look at the science behind it. Asbestos refers to six naturally occurring fibrous minerals, each composed of thin, needle-like fibres. In Albion, you’d commonly find white asbestos (chrysotile), and the blue and brown ones (crocidolite and amosite).

When disturbed, these fibres can become airborne and, if inhaled, can settle in the lungs. Over time, this can lead to severe health complications, which brings us to our main point of concern: the health risks associated with asbestos exposure.

The Health Risks of Asbestos Exposure

So, what’s the big fuss about? Well, asbestos exposure can lead to debilitating diseases such as asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. Asbestosis is a chronic lung disease causing scarring of the lung tissues, while mesothelioma is a rare, aggressive form of cancer affecting the lining of the lungs, abdomen, or heart.

And it’s not just the statistics that tell a chilling tale. Take, for instance, John, a retired builder from Albion, who spent his youth working on construction sites filled with asbestos. Today, he battles mesothelioma. Stories like John’s are far too common and paint a stark picture of the threat that asbestos still poses.

The Current State of Asbestos in Albion

Asbestos is a relic of the past, right? Wrong! Asbestos continues to pose a health risk in many of Albion’s buildings. A recent survey found asbestos in a disturbingly high percentage of Albion’s homes, built before the Australia-wide ban in 2003.

Recognising the gravity of the situation, the Australian government has introduced strict regulations for asbestos management. But are these enough?

Safeguarding Albion: Asbestos Removal and Management

Here’s the truth – dealing with asbestos isn’t a DIY job. Safe asbestos removal in Albion requires professional expertise. It’s all about following the right steps: identification, containment, removal, and disposal.

Moreover, legal requirements mandate that asbestos abatement (removal work) must be performed by licensed professionals. So, if you suspect the presence of asbestos in your home or workplace, get in touch with a professional asbestos removal service pronto!


In essence, the dangers and health risks of asbestos in Albion are real and present. However, with awareness, timely action, and the right professional help, it is possible to safeguard our homes and lives. The road to an asbestos-free Albion may be a long one, but together, we can surely get there.

Q1: What services does HM Group provide related to asbestos?

A: HM Group is a trusted provider of comprehensive asbestos services. We offer professional asbestos removal and asbestos testing services. With our highly skilled and experienced team, we ensure safe and effective removal and disposal of asbestos from various types of properties.

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A: We’re proud to serve all over Queensland (QLD). No matter where you’re located within this region, you can count on HM Group to provide quick and reliable asbestos-related services.

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A: HM Group has more than 27 years of experience in the industry. Over the decades, we’ve gained extensive knowledge and skills, allowing us to handle asbestos-related concerns safely and efficiently.

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A: With over 27 years of experience, we have a deep understanding of the dangers of asbestos and the best methods for its safe removal and disposal. We adhere to the strictest safety standards, and our services cover all areas within QLD. Trust us to provide you with services that are not just efficient, but also prioritise your health and safety.

Q5: How can I schedule an asbestos testing or removal service with HM Group?

A: You can easily schedule a service with us by visiting our website or giving us a call. Our customer service team will guide you through the process and arrange a suitable time for our professionals to visit your property. We’re committed to providing prompt and efficient service.