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Comprehensive Asbestos Services

From asbestos inspection to asbestos disposal, we offer comprehensive asbestos services. We will guarantee an asbestos-free environment for you.

Expert team

Our asbestos removal team has the skills and qualifications to deliver top-notch results. You can expect them to offer outstanding results on your way.

Adherence to compliance regulations

We adhere to the laws when offering our asbestos services. You will never have to deal with any penalties or fines by working with us.

Reliable and efficient service

We create an asbestos management plan and work according to it. You can rely on the fast and efficient services we offer.

About HM Group​

HM Group is the leading asbestos-testing Ipswich services provider. We provide top-notch asbestos testing services to anyone in the region.

Asbestos Risk Assessment

We create an asbestos register when testing for asbestos. This helps us to meticulously inspect your property. That’s why we are quite effective at identifying potential asbestos-containing materials.

We never compromise your safety with the services we offer. Our Ipswich asbestos testing team will assess and manage all the risks that you have to deal with asbestos. We ensure your safety and peace of mind at all times.

Comprehensive laboratory analysis

Never worry about the presence of asbestos in your Ipswich property. We have accredited asbestos testing services to offer accurate results. We also deliver comprehensive insights on your way.

Our professional team will make sure of precise sample collection at all times. We also conduct thorough laboratory analyses. Whether you need to confirm your doubts or planning a renovation, feel free to contact us for asbestos testing Ipswich.

Asbestos Testing in Ipswich

When it comes to potential asbestos exposure, knowledge is power. This is why you need to work with a team of experts like us. We have the expertise and tools needed to conduct thorough asbestos testing.

By visiting your property, we will carefully collect samples. During sample collection, our team will be careful not to disrupt any property. Then we will take the samples to our NATA-accredited laboratory. Upon testing the samples, we will provide you with a comprehensive report.

It will showcase the nature of the asbestos problem you deal with.
Our Ipswich asbestos testing services are comprehensive. Whether you have asbestos in the soil or any other property, we can catch it. The reliable methods we use such as synthetic mineral fibre counting can deliver outstanding results. You may also rely on us for Ipswich asbestos removal.

This will help you to get all the asbestos services that you want from one service provider.

Conduct your asbestos survey in Ipswich

We are your trusted services provider for conducting an asbestos survey in Ipswich. 

  • Asbestos survey

    We will conduct a comprehensive asbestos survey at your property.

  • Asbestos audits

    Our team specialises in conducting asbestos audits. Let us take care of the complete testing process.

  • Comprehensive report

    We will provide a complete report outlining the asbestos problem you have.

  • Asbestos removal plan

    Our experts will create a comprehensive plan for tackling your asbestos problem.

  • Asbestos clearance

    While adhering to the plan, we will offer complete asbestos abatement.

  • Asbestos clearance certificate

    After asbestos clearance, we will offer you an asbestos clearance certificate.

Reasons to get our help

We are certified experts in asbestos testing in Ipswich. The team can understand all complexities of asbestos testing. With 27+ years of experience, we follow strict protocols for asbestos testing.

This helps us to ensure safety and deliver excellent results on your way. We will also guarantee the accuracy of our asbestos testing process at all times.

Here are some more reasons to consider HM Group for asbestos testing.


  • Reliable and accurate testing
  • Comprehensive insights
  • Asbestos consultation
  • Custom asbestos solutions


Chrysotile (Serpentine Family) (white asbestos):

Chrysotile, or white asbestos, is the most common form of asbestos present. These asbestos fibres are curly and flexible. As a result, they can easily spin into numerous products.

Amosite (Amphibole Family) (blue asbestos):

Amosite, or brown asbestos, has a straight and needle-like structure. This form of asbestos is common in insulation materials and fireproofing products.

Crocidolite (Amphibole Family) (brown asbestos):

Crocidolite, or blue asbestos, is extremely thin. It has needle-like fibres. This is the most dangerous form of asbestos as well. That’s because it is highly brittle.

Schedule your asbestos testing appointment today

Make sure that you don’t live with asbestos. If you need an asbestos testing service in Ipswich, we are here to help. By using appropriate testing methods, we will confirm the presence of asbestos.

Our team will also help you with asbestos removal Ipswich. You just need to contact us and schedule your appointment. Then we will come to your location and help you out.