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Asbestos is quite a common material used in construction. Even though using asbestos for constructions is beneficial, you should also understand that there are multiple risks associated with it. The biggest risk factor out of them is the threat it has on human beings. Inhaling asbestos fibers can lead you to multiple health conditions. Asbestosis and mesothelioma are to name a few. Long-term asbestos exposure can lead you to lung cancer as well. That’s why asbestos removal Brisbane Northside has become quite a popular topic as of now.

Our team at HM Group can help you in removing asbestos containing materials. We have the asbestos abatement & hazardous materials removal license, and we know how to deliver the best results to you. Whether you are looking for asbestos inspection, asbestos disposal and hazardous materials removal, you can connect with us. As a licensed asbestos removalist, we are capable of helping you get rid of asbestos. At the end of the service, we will also do an air quality inspection. This is where we double check and confirm that the job is completed successfully. Whether you are in need of removing friable asbestos or non-friable asbestos, let our experts support you. Just give us a call to schedule your appointment today.


There are few reasons on why you should be working with us for asbestos abatement. Here’s a list of few reasons out of them.


    With years of experience in removing asbestos containing materials, we can deliver outstanding results to you. Regardless of the scope of your job, we can deliver quality results to you.


    We have the asbestos remediation licenses. You can trust our expertise for removing asbestos containing materials in the best possible way. No matter what, you can get a quality service from our specialists at all times.


    Once you start working with us, you can receive a quality asbestos abatement and asbestos testing experience. We make sure that no-contamination would take place due to asbestos contaminated dust.


    You can get the residential and commercial asbestos abatement services we offer at a competitive price tag. We guarantee that you will receive a top-notch asbestos remediation experience at all times.


It is better to work with a professional services provider for asbestos abatement. Then you can get outstanding asbestos disposal work at all times. For example, you can make sure that all asbestos fibers are removed from your living space. Moreover, asbestos contaminated dust would never result in cross-contamination of the environment.

We worked hard to get our hazardous materials removal license. You will surely benefit from our expert asbestos exposure process. Since we offer end-to-end asbestos removal services, you may connect with us to remove asbestos containing material without keeping any second thoughts in mind.



We follow three simple steps to remove asbestos from your living space. Below-mentioned is an overview of the process we follow:

Step 1 – Site Preparation

Before asbestos remediation, we prepare the site. For example, we will be covering your space with plastic sheets. This helps us to ensure that airborne asbestos fibres don’t leak out. We will be sealing the air vents and air ducts. We will never start off the hazardous materials removal process before isolating your work area.

Step 2 – Asbestos Removal work

Our North Brisbane asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) removal specialists will wear protective gear and start removing asbestos from your living space. On top of that, we use the right techniques to remove asbestos contaminated dust as well. The two techniques we usually use are dry stripping and wet stripping. Depending on the situation, we will be selecting the right method to remove asbestos materials.

Step 3 – Asbestos waste disposal

As a licensed asbestos removalist, we will properly dispose your asbestos waste as well. You can expect us to take away the asbestos cement sheets and dispose of them at one of our carefully selected facilities. We ensure that no asbestos fibres will be exposed to the air during our process. You can trust our process for removing asbestos containing materials and we take the job seriously.


There are quite a few reasons on why people use asbestos for construction work. It is durable and fire retardant. Moreover, asbestos offers excellent insulation properties with strength. Hence, a lot of contractors back in the day used asbestos on constructing roofs.

However, scientific studies conducted after the 1970s proved that asbestos can be dangerous to humans. Asbestos dust contains tiny asbestos fibres. You will not be able to see these fibers with your naked eye. However, the asbestos fibres you inhale can get build up within your body. This can eventually make you end up with serious health complications. Lung cancer is a great example of such a health complication.

After getting to know about the risks associated with asbestos, you should focus on asbestos disposal as soon as possible. This is where you can rely on a professional service like us to remove asbestos containing materials. Make sure that you never attempt to do it on your own, since you will be taking a risk.

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Since exposure to asbestos waste is never good, it is important to pay serious attention to asbestos abatement. The tiny fibers can lead you to respiratory illnesses, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. It is not just residential property owners, but also commercial property owners who should focus on this.

If you can find asbestos materials on your roof, you need to proceed with removing the asbestos containing materials. Make sure that you work with a team of specialists like us to get rid of asbestos from the living space. We guarantee that you will be receiving outstanding results from our service. We will adhere to the Work Health and Safety Regulation Act and ensure that you get rid of asbestos in the best possible way.


Asbestos removal Brisbane Northside is the process of discovering asbestos containing materials and removing it from your building.

Asbestos fibres are identified as a dangerous substance to human health. It can lead humans to respiratory illnesses such as lung cancer.

We will seal the affected area, wear protective clothing, and use the right techniques to remove asbestos effectively.

No, it is not a good idea to remove asbestos on your own. The process requires specialized equipment, training, and procedures to ensure the best results.

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